Here is all that you may want to know about the Traditional jazz music


Traditional jazz music is often referred to as Trad jazz. The earliest time when the Trad jazz was introduced and played was by two New Orleans bands called the Dixieland and the Ragtime. This was around the earlier part of the twentieth century. The Trad music is also considered to be the precursor to the more sophisticated cousin called the beat music which had its birthplace in the UK.

The instruments that are used in the Trad jazz:

The front line of the Trad jazz musician included three main instruments namely the clarinet, the trombone and the trumpet. Later a lot more instruments were added but it is noteworthy that the earliest jazz bands were major consisting of these three instruments only.

In the 1920s there was a widespread revival of the Trad jazz music in the UK and it was here and during this time that saxophone as an instrument was also included in the jazz ensemble. If you are a fan of the jazz and the traditional version of it then be sure to get in touch with MSMusic: trad jazz bands. They are the best bet in case you want to host a grand and successful event. They can create an environment so surreal with their musical acumen whether it is an indoor or an outdoor setting.



A world of contradictions:

If you were to listen to a Trad jazz concert today you would most probably be impressed and think that it is the music for the highest echelons in the society. On the contrary the root of this form of music is from the most oppressed of all lifestyles. The jazz per se is a kind of music that has been introduced by the African Americans and it is a happy combination of two or more types of musical genres.

The origin of the word:'


Etymologically, no one can really explain the reason why this particular form of music came to be known as Jazz. There are some theories as to why the name but none of them sound too logical.

In medieval English, the word jazz however has a very explicit and titillating usage as if to fornicate or to have a sexual fling with some attractive lady.

Jazzy meant to be so adorable and attractive to the opposite gender that it could culminate into the subject having a sexual adventure.

A jazzy baby meant in the most base language a woman who was ready to sleep around for little money or some favor.

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So, you see the roots of this form of music is not really in the classiest and the loftiest of the society but it has its roots more from the oppressed culture. The afro American who stayed in the New Orleans were the ones who actually started the jazz bands borrowing heavily from the African march beats and then using the clarinet and the trombone to invent and add bars of music to make it sound cohesive.

While two or more musical forms may be combined in a jazz musical event, it is noteworthy that this musical form gives the players absolute creative freedom to be able to improvise on the piece even as he is playing.


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There is hardly any other form of music that can be happily married with other forms of music and still be able to retain its authenticity.

Jazz has that special status and it is mostly known as the uncrowned king of music. And almost like a gracious king it absorbs in everything within itself and without over reacting!

The Trad jazz is more of happy music:

Even from the days of the revival and the Dixieland music, Trad music has not lost its distinctive happy music feel. The form is almost the same since its revival again in the 1950s and the 1960s in the UK and in the US. .

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Trad Jazz artistes such as Humphrey Lyttelton and George Davis in the last few decades preceding the millennium have worked really hard to be able to revive the magic of the Jazz that ruled the roost during the world war in the early 1900s.

Are you a true blue fan?

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